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Webinar/45 min

Data Storage MythBusters series of interactive webinars

DIAWAY and LizardFS experts will discuss various industry-wide misconceptions from both software and hardware data storage angles. The first topic we are going to touch is about the cold archive misconceptions.
This webinar is best for:
  • IT Infrastructure engineers and architects
  • Data storage engineers and architects
  • System engineers and administrators
CIO/CTO, IT Infrastructure engineers and architects, Data storage engineers and architects, System engineers and administrators
Tuesday, October 27

Watch DIAWAY and LizardFS Data Storage Storage MythBusters series of interactive webinars

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Misconceptions to be discussed:

  • “LTO archive can safely store data for 30 years“
  • “LTO is the most cost-efficient technology for cold data storage.“
  • “LTO’s hardware 50% compression gives twice more storage for the same money“
  • “LTO technology applies best practices for backups, including snapshots, and recovering testing.“

Learn how to:

  • Store archive data forever
  • Drop down the TB cost of your cold data storage
  • Improve the efficiency of your cold storage infrastructure
  • Benefit from best practices for backups

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