New DIAWAY Keila™ Powered by Excelero NVMesh®

Excelerate Your Business with NVMesh – Get Local Performance at Data Center Scale

Ubiquitous Access

Remote IOPS = Local IOPS
Remote Bandwidth = Local Bandwidth
Remote Latency = Local Latency + ~5us
Maximum Efficiency Negligible overhead – leverage the full potential of NVMe drives, Zero-CPU Enables 100% converged infrastructure
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Speed, savings, and scale for low-latency computing power and storage

DIAWAY Techonomics experts designed DIAWAY Keila™ — a flexible, efficient storage infrastructure solution, powered by Excelero NVMesh and Western Digital NVMe drives

Gain 100% Western Digital NVMe
drives performance efficiency
Evolve alongside the growth of data
processing and analytics
Get local flash performance with the
convenience of centralized storage
Madars Danilevics
Madars Danilevics,
BDM EMEAI, Western Digital
quotes“By designing DIAWAY Keila™ powered by Excelero NVMesh solution with Western Digital Ultrastar NVMe series SSDs, DIAWAY unlocks native NVMe performance, great scalability, and unprecedented attractive costs per IOPS across the entire TCO term.”

New DIAWAY Keila™ Powered by Excelero NVMesh®

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, data processing and innovation are putting companies at risk of falling behind in their storage and computing.
DIAWAY Keila™ Powered by Excelero NVMesh® is the smart way to future proof your technology, offering cost-effective performance and all the upsides of local flash with the convenience of centralized storage.
Plus, with Western Digital flash, you’ll gain necessary throughput for critical workloads — without proprietary hardware lock-in.
Together, this means 10x lower IO latency, 20x higher IOPs performance and reduced TCO — so you’re ready for anything.

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NVMesh Benefits

Scale & Performance
Local performance across the network. Predictable application performance. Smart insights in utilization.
Maximize the utilization of your flash media. Reduce your capacity overhead. Easily manage & monitor.
Utilize any hardware. Use existing network infrastructure. Choose from multiple redundancy options.
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Target Audience:

  • Service Providers: Hyperscale Web & Cloud
  • Innovative Enterprises
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Media & Entertainment

Use Cases:

  • Accelerating AI Workflows by Eliminating Storage Bottlenecks
  • High-performance Database Storage (SQL, NoSQL, DBaaS)
  • Low Latency Container Storage (Kubernetes, Docker, Memosphere)
  • Local Burst Buffer (storage layer between RAM and persistent storage)
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