Mellanox ConnectX® Adapters

Why ConnectX® Ethernet Adapters are the default choice for DIAWAY servers?

DIAWAY has partnered with Mellanox Technologies to provide world-renowned accelerated networking platform. Mellanox Technologies products complete storage, HCI, and server offerings by DIAWAY.

With high-performance interconnect technology by Mellanox, DIAWAY optimizes datacenter-scale workloads across the entire portfolio of hyper-converged and storage products to achieve higher performance, lower latency, greater utilization and lower operating cost for customers.

The industry-leading Mellanox ConnectX family of intelligent data-center network adapters offers the broadest and most advanced hardware offloads, which enable the highest ROI and lowest TCO for hyperscale, public and private clouds, storage, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data and telco platforms.


World-Class Ethernet Performance

Mellanox ConnectX Ethernet adapters offer best-in-class network performance serving low-latency, high throughput applications at 10, 25, 40, 50, 100 and up to 200 Gb/s Ethernet speeds.

Mellanox Ethernet adapters offer built-in best-of-breed network virtualization acceleration powered by Mellanox’s advanced ASAP2- switching and packet processing technology®. ASAP2 leverages ConnectX hardware capabilities to offload large portions of network switching and packet-processing from the host CPU, freeing up cycles for profitable application processing. Mellanox ASAP2 enables unmatched network performance with extreme productivity while reducing cost in virtualized cloud, web 2.0 and telco data-centers environments.

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ConnectX®-6 Dx Dual 100GbE / Single 200GbE SmartNIC

As the world’s most advanced cloud SmartNIC, ConnectX-6 Dx provides up to two ports of 25, 50 or 100Gb/s, or a single port of 200Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, powered by 50Gb/s PAM4 SerDes technology and PCIe 4.0 host connectivity. ConnectX-6 Dx continues along Mellanox’s innovation path in scalable cloud fabrics, delivering unparalleled performance and efficiency at every scale. ConnectX-6 Dx’s innovative hardware offload engines, including IPsec and TLS inline data-in-motion encryption, are ideal for enabling secure network connectivity in modern data-center environments.

ConnectX-6 Dx’s extensive SmartNIC portfolio offers cards in several form factors, feeds and speeds, including low-profile PCIe, OCP 2.0 and OCP 3.0-compliant cards with advanced options for Mellanox Multi-Host® and Mellanox Socket Direct® configurations, enabling customers to choose the best fit for their needs.

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ConnectX 6Dx Dual QSFP28 Port

ConnectX®-6 200GbE Single/Dual-Port Adapters

ConnectX-6 is the world’s first 200Gb/s Ethernet network adapter card, offering world-leading performance, smart offloads and In-Network Computing, leading to the highest return on investment for Cloud, Web 2.0, Big Data, Storage and Machine Learning applications.

ConnectX-6 EN provides two ports of 200Gb/s for Ethernet connectivity and 215 million messages per second, enabling the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding data center applications.

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ConnectX-6 HDR 2P QSFP56

ConnectX®-5 100GbE Single/Dual-Port Adapters

Intelligent ConnectX-5 Ethernet (EN) adapter cards offer new acceleration engines that optimize performance of web 2.0, cloud, data analytics, high Performance and storage platforms.

ConnectX-5 supports two ports of 100Gb/s Ethernet connectivity, very high message rate, plus PCIe switch and NVMe over Fabric offloads, providing high performance and cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications and markets.

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ConnectX®-4 Lx EN 10/25/40/50GbE Ethernet Adapter Cards

ConnectX-4 Lx EN provides an unmatched combination of 10, 25, 40, and 50GbE bandwidth, sub-microsecond latency and a 75 million packets per second message rate. It includes native hardware support for RDMA over Converged Ethernet, Ethernet stateless offload engines, Overlay Networks,and GPUDirect® Technology.

ConnectX-4 Lx offers the best cost effective Ethernet adapter solution for 10, 25, 40 and 50Gb/s Ethernet speeds, enabling seamless networking, clustering, or storage. The adapter reduces application runtime, and offers the flexibility and scalability to make infrastructure run as efficiently and productively as possible.

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ConnectX-4 Lx single port SFP28