Unlocking the Potential of SaunaFS Architecture

Welcome to SaunaFS, a robust distributed POSIX file system meticulously designed to revolutionize your storage solutions by offering unmatched efficiency, security, and redundancy. At its core, SaunaFS is a distributed file system primarily written in C++, inspired by the pioneering concepts introduced by Google File System.


DIAWAY is the leading big-data storage and networking integrator for data-intensive global organizations. The company designs, deploys, and optimizes systems, software and storage solutions that enable enterprises, cloud providers and software companies to generate more value from their data.

DIAWAY helps SaunaFS customers optimize their infrastructure CapEx and OpEx by advising them on selecting the best hardware for their needs and helping to source it for them at a competitive price point.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Europe’s tech capital, DIAWAY develops its partnerships and solutions across the globe with infrastructure footprints up to a hundred petabytes per project.

Use Cases

Backup and Recovery

SaunaFS ensures data integrity and accessibility, making it the ideal choice for backup and recovery solutions.


Secure your data and ensure rapid recovery in case of data loss.

Archiving and Compliance

Compliance SaunaFS's detailed metadata logging supports compliance requirements, making it suitable for archiving sensitive data.


Maintain data compliance while preserving historical records.

Big Data and Analytics

SaunaFS's scalability and performance capabilities make it a valuable asset for managing and analyzing large datasets.


Harness the power of big data analytics without bottlenecks.

Media and Entertainment

SaunaFS's high-throughput capabilities are ideal for media storage and video editing workflows.


Streamline media production and post-production processes.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

SaunaFS ensures data security and immutability, meeting the stringent requirements of healthcare data management.


Safeguard sensitive patient data and research results.

IoT and Edge Computing

SaunaFS's efficiency and low latency make it suitable for IoT and edge computing deployments.


Support real-time data processing at the edge.

Why do I need Trusted Support from SaunaFS?

Configuring clusters is not like a LEGO play. It’s not that easy and straightforward as you might think. Everything may work now but will it still work seamlessly tomorrow or in a year?

SaunaFS team knows how it works from inside out, knows all internals, features optimizations and tricks, and also knows of potential caveats. That means they are the ones in the know when it comes to cluster recovery, even in such dismal cases when your precious data appears to be gone forever.


Support Team is always ready

Thanks to regular internal drills mimicking the outages – breaking clusters and restoring helps keep support engineers fresh and up-to-date with a hands-on experience.

Active monitoring

The monitoring is designed to be proactive rather than reactive and it greatly helps to prevent issues before they start impacting the production environment.


SaunaFS support professionals will explain all in’s and out’s of SaunaFS, and thanks to that, you yourself will become a SaunaFS Professional.

Starter Kit

Each support plan also includes a configuration and deployment service for your cluster. You will have a chance to observe the process and that would be an additional benefit to the training.

Infinite number of client licenses

Last but not least – if you use Windows, we will provide you with as many licenses for Windows client as required.