DIAWAY presents Edgebox™: A complete server solution with perfectly bundled hardware equipment that gives customers the full power of edge computing

To complete the Edgebox™ solution, DIAWAY teamed up with AMD, Western Digital, and Juniper Networks to deliver one of the most flexible, high performing, and affordable one-socket edge solu-tions on the market. The company aims to meet the market demand for data locality and security and wants to empower enterprises, service providers, software companies, integrators, and value-added resellers to easily move the infrastructure closer to the user.

Tallinn, Estonia, July 07, 2020 – DIAWAY Edgebox™, a PCI-Express (PCIe) 4 solution, is coupled with AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors and complemented with Western Digital storage components for enterprise-level reliability and performance that delivers an architecture designed for the most demanding environments of today and tomorrow, built to support different edge workloads, including those driven by AI.

AMD EPYC 7002 series processors were selected for their balanced architecture with leadership core count, memory, I/O, plus advanced security features - an optimal choice for software-defined infrastructure.

In addition, security plays a large role in this decision. Security vulnerabilities are present in the industry and AMD EPYC Processors feature advanced security features including Secure Memory Encryption, which helps isolate data between threads while encrypting memory, and, Secure Encrypted Virtualization, which provides encryption capabilities for a virtualized environment, and a secure root of trust.

Being prepared for the workloads of tomorrow with the highest computational and storage performance requires a new approach towards infrastructure.

This optimized platform from DIAWAY, AMD, and Western Digital empowers users to deploy high-performance edge datacenters with a single pane of glass for networking management provided by Juniper Networks technologies.

The combined elements feature:

  • The DIAWAY Edgebox™ server is an AMD EPYC processor powered, single-socket 2U server designed to handle workloads like software-defined storage, virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure, and data analytics.
  • The AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors brings together up to 64 cores, 4TB memory capacity, support for eight channels of DDR4-3200 memory, and 128 lanes of PCIe 4 I/O per socket1.
  • The storage layer is comprised of two types of storage media - standard rotating Western Digital drives (Ultrastar DC HC500 Series) and their newest NVMe SN640 drives.

Recommended minimal installation starts with five nodes and boasts up to 336TB of USEFUL universal storage (soon to be upgraded to 480TB with Western Digital SMR drives) and 51TB of USEFUL NVMe extreme performance for mission-critical and performance-demanding workloads (soon to be upgraded to 102TB), 320 physical processor high-frequency cores, and 10TB of 3200 MHz RAM.

The design enables various configurations, ranging from maximum performance to maximum redundancy. The DIAWAY Edgebox™ also features enterprise-grade networking capabilities delivered with the entire suite of Juniper Networks products.

"In highly competitive markets with ever-increasing demands to scale both quickly and affordably, it is critically important to design solutions that are prepared for tomorrow the day they launch. That is why we created the DIAWAY Edgebox™ solution- it packs a great punch of computational power delivered by AMD into a single node, adds the most reliable and performance storage layer by Western Digital, and glues all of this together with unified networking by Juniper Networks.

This collaboration with industry leaders makes me extremely proud as their support really was a key in designing the solution, perfectly adaptive for challenges of tomorrow and ready to crush it today with built-in performance and flexibility," said Aleksandr Ragel, DIAWAY co-founder and Managing partner.

“We are very excited to be working with DIAWAY on bringing AMD EPYC processor powered systems to the market enabling leadership performance, high-bandwidth I/O and connectivity between the CPU and other devices, providing partners with the flexibility and capability to stay at the forefront of innovation," said Roger Benson, Senior Director of Sales at AMD.

Target applications to run on DIAWAY Edgebox™ are software-defined storage (SDS) and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI).

Edgebox™ is now available worldwide at the DIAWAY website: diaway.com/edgebox


DIAWAY is the leading big-data storage and networking integrator for data-intensive global organizations. The company designs, deploys, and optimizes systems, software, and storage solutions that enable enterprises, cloud providers, and software companies to generate more value from their data. Headquartered in Tallinn, Europe’s tech capital, DIAWAY develops its partnerships and solutions across the globe with infrastructure footprints exceeding hundreds of petabytes per project.
DIAWAY is an official partner of Western Digital® and AMD EPYC™ Elite Partner. For more information, please visit: https://diaway.com and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn.

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1 DIAWAY Edgebox™, a PCI-Express 4 solution, is coupled with AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors and Western Digital storage components for enterprise-level reliability and performance.