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Welcome to DIAWAY Labs program

With the intention to speed up the adoption of existing and upcoming technologies, the DIAWAY Labs program provides secure early access, backed by NDA to our own systems equipped with latest and greatest products from AMD for ISVs, service providers and enterprises to validate, qualify, test, and benchmark their workloads!

You can get early access to production ready DIAWAY systems in a few simple steps.

The DIAWAY systems are available in both single and dual socket configurations, all equipped with DDR4-3200 RDIMMs in all eight memory channels for each CPU and PCIe Gen 3 or 4-based NVMe drives to benchmark and validate maximum performance for your workloads.

Non-standard requests are possible to accommodate too based on solution availability.

Setup overview

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Sign up
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Verification and NDAs
Verification and NDAs
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Configuring systems and access
Configuring systems
and access
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Requirements validation
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Getting hands dirty!
Getting hands dirty!
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Collecting feedback
Collecting feedback


In the Cloud, on-prem or off-prem, in containers, VMs, on bare metal, or HCI, EPYC™ 7003 Series processors provide outstanding performance across a wide array of industry standard workloads.

  • Get superior performance for complex workloads.
  • Advanced security features with AMD Infinity Guard.
  • Scale easily to meet changing workload demands.

Why AMD Instinct™?

AMD Instinct™ accelerators are engineered from the ground up for this new era of computing, supercharging HPC and AI workloads to propel new discoveries.

Powered by the AMD CDNA architecture, AMD Instinct™ MI100 accelerators deliver a giant leap in compute and connectivity, offering a nearly 3.5x performance boost for HPC (FP32 matrix) and a nearly 7x boost for AI workloads (FP16) compared to AMD’s prior generation accelerators.


DIAWAY is #1 infrastructure partner for ISVs

DIAWAY acts as a unique gateway between hardware vendors and ISVs/SPs which “translates” communication and helps adopt new technologically advanced things that put ISVs/SPs above their competition or just assist them to be up-to-date with what the world of technology has to offer.

There is an overwhelming demand for proper infrastructure designs and more in-depth technical infrastructure knowledge that should be realized with innovative technologies (such as SMR, namespaces, ZNS, DPUs, modern AMD EPYC™ Processors), proper sizing, and financial modelling through the prism of our customer business' metrics and goals.

Best performance at best cost is not something that can only be achieved with highly optimised hardware. Defining key metrics and crunching financial models help find the optimal combination for the term and this is exactly where the ultimate efficiencies are revealed.

To achieve this completeness, we are here to help, sharing the experience and designs that saved dozen millions $ to date.

Success stories

DIAWAY Lab location

Tallinn, Estonia

Networking options

1GbE, 10GbE, 25GbE, 100GbE


1U single and dual socket with Milan support,

2U single socket with GPU support,

2U single socket with 4 x U.2 and 8 x 3.5 SATA drives

Non-standard requests are possible to accommodate based on solution availability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the server after I am done with my demo?

The server is manually secure erased, the BIOS and firmware are reflashed, and the OS is re-installed with new credentials.

Do I get BMC/IPMI out-of-band management access?

Yes, you do. We also ask that you do not change the IPMI credentials.

Is the server on a public IP address?

By default no. The server can reach out to the Internet to get files, but it is not directly addressable to the Internet. However, for certain projects, public IP connectivity can be arranged.

Should I do sensitive data processing on the demo server?

No. Please use only anonymized data since this server may have different security policies than are required within your organization.

If I leave data on the server, will it be backed-up?

No. We are completely erasing and resetting servers for each demo and are not making backups. Please do not store important and/or sensitive data on the demo platforms because they will be erased.