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Juniper Networks partners with innovators around the world to deliver engineering simplicity in complex networks and accelerate customers business.

Explore the wide range of Juniper’s high-performance networking solutions and services.

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AI-driven insight, automation, and security. Our networks work for you.

Cloud Provider

Deliver applications and services efficiently and securely at cloud scale, with the predictability, agility, and confidence your customers expect.

Service Provider

Achieve greater business agility and operational simplicity with a secure, automated cloud architecture, and ready your network for metro, edge, 5G, and IoT.


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DIAWAY partners with Juniper Networks, a leader in datacenter hardware platforms for software-defined networking. Juniper’s solid and proven reputation in routing, switching, and security is greatly valued by DIAWAY customers building top of the line solutions with Juniper technology.

Juniper Networks has developed some of the industry’s most groundbreaking innovations across every aspect of networking technology: silicon, systems, and software. This makes a difference allowing to offer complete solutions that enable our customers to transform, to obtain cost efficiency and agility benefits of today.

Modernize with high-speed connections, open orchestration, visibility, and automated security!

Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches Highly Available, Powerful Ethernet Switches

Single Point of Management

Interconnected switches supporting Virtual Chassis operate as a single logical device for simplified management.

Security Risk Management

Integrated Unified Access Control (UAC) capabilities help EX Series switches dynamically deliver network protection, guest access, and identity-based QoS.

Wire-Speed Performance

High 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE port densities dramatically simplify network topologies and operations.

High Availability

Dual internal load-sharing AC power supplies and redundant variable-speed fans protect switches from a single power supply or fan failure, improving system uptime.

Access Switches

Fixed configuration 1GbE and multigigabit access switches that deliver enterprise network access and are available with PoE and Media Access Control Security (MACsec) encryption.


Compact, high-density, cost-effective switch for small network environments where space and power are at a premium.


Cost-effective access switches with the performance, flexibility, and ease of management previously available only with high-end platforms.


Supports branch, campus, and data center access and aggregation deployments.

Aggregation Switches

Fixed configuration 10GbE aggregation switches for high-density enterprise campus deployments.


Delivers a scalable 10GbE solution for high-density campus aggregation and small campus deployments.


Highly scalable 10/25/100GbE solution for midsize to large enterprises, with support for Ethernet VPN and Virtual Extensible LAN (EVPN/VXLAN) and multichassis link aggregation (MC-LAG).

Core Switches

Flexible, high density enterprise campus core switching for mission-critical deployments.


SDN-ready and offers the flexibility and scalability required for business agility and growth.


Compact form factor evolved enterprise core switch with flexibility and scalability required for business agility and growth.

Juniper QFX Series Switches

Our QFX Series switches secure and automate your data center networks. They build a strong underlay foundation for flexible and high-performance fabrics that improve network reliability and agility, helping to simplify the path to multicloud.

QFX5100, QFX5200 as Access and Leaf, and QFX10000 as Core and Spine

Deploy these nimble switches in your most demanding, high-performance data center environments.
Achieve unparalleled scalability, density, and flexibility with our switches, which are built on custom silicon to exceed your cloud and data center demands today and into the future.


QFX5100 (-48S, -48T, -24Q, -96S)

  • Fixed, low latency, high-performance, top-of-rack 1/10/40GbE
  • High availability with topology-independent ISSU upgrade
  • Insight Technology for microburst monitoring and reporting
  • Contrail Networking, VMware NSX Layer 2 Gateway, VXLAN OVSDB, EVPN-VXLAN

QFX5110 (-48S, -32Q)

  • Fixed, high density, multispeed 10/40/100GbE
  • 2.56 Tbps Packet Forwarding Engine
  • Intelligent buffer management to absorb traffic bursts
  • Contrail Networking, VMware NSX Layer 2 Gateway, VXLAN OVSDB, EVPN-VXLAN

QFX5120 (-48Y, -32C)

  • Fixed, multispeed 10/25/40/100GbE top-of-rack switch
  • Native 25GbE ports for speed transition from 10GbE
  • Flexible deployments as distributed or centralized gateway
  • Contrail Networking, VXLAN OVSDB, EVPN-VXLAN

QFX5200 (-48Y, -32C)

  • Flexible 10/25/40/50/100GbE interface speeds
  • Fixed spine or leaf device for next-generation IP fabrics
  • Native 25GbE ports for speed transition from 10GbE
  • Contrail Networking, EVPN-VXLAN

QFX5210 (-64C)

  • Fixed 10/25/40/50/100GbE interfaces for server and intrafabric connectivity
  • Designed for large, dense, and fast IP fabrics as spine or leaf device
  • Advanced Layer 2, Layer 3, and MPLS feature set
  • Contrail Networking, EVPN-VXLAN

QFX5220 (-32CD, -128C)

  • Fixed spine-and-leaf switch with 10/25/40/50/100/400GbE interfaces
  • Junos OS software architecture
  • Native 400GbE configuration
  • Contrail Networking, EVPN-VXLAN

QFX10002 (-36Q, -72Q, -60C)

  • Fixed 10/40/100GbE, 2 U form factor, built on custom Juniper Q5 ASICs
  • Congestion management with deep buffers (100 ms per port) using Hybrid Memory Cube
  • Advanced DCI capabilities (EVPN/MPLS, P2MP-TE, MLDP)
  • Contrail Networking, VMware NSX, VXLAN Layer 2 and Layer 3 Gateway, VXLAN OVSDB, EVPN-VXLAN

QFX10008 and QFX10016

  • Modular 10/40/100/400GbE, built on custom Juniper Q5 ASICs
  • Industry-leading density with 480 x 100GbE ports
  • Highest logical Layer 2 and Layer 3 scale with up to 1M MACs, 2M host routes, and 2M FIBs
  • Contrail Networking, VMware NSX, VXLAN Layer 2 and Layer 3 Gateway, VXLAN OVSDB, EVPN-VXLAN

Juniper MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platform

Best-in-Class Architecture

A highly redundant platform powered by Junos OS, the MX Series offers always-on reliability and high performance at massive scale.

SDN Enabled

Seamless integration with standard-based SDN controllers such as the Contrail Cloud Platform makes the MX Series platform an SDN gateway between physical and virtual network elements.

Physical and Virtual, with No Compromise

Consistent feature set across physical and virtual MX Series platforms ensures operational and service consistency.

Long-Term Investment Protection

Offers future-proof scale for long-term growth as well as investment protecting upgrade paths for existing MX Series customers.

A robust portfolio of SDN-enabled routing platforms that provide industry-leading system capacity, density, security, and performance with unparalleled longevity. MX Series routers are the key to digital transformation for service providers, cloud operators, and enterprises in the cloud era.

virtual MX (vMX)

Virtualized, full-featured, carrier-grade router is ideal for NFV environments, rapid service introduction, and cost-effective service scale-out.


Modular router offers up to 3 Tbps of system capacity and embedded MACsec and IPsec encryption in a compact form factor; optimized for cloud, campus, enterprise, data center, service provider edge, cable, and mobile service core deployments.


The compact MX150 is a high-performance, feature-rich edge router that is ideally suited for lower bandwidth service provider and enterprise applications.


40-Tbps modular, space-optimized carrier-grade router that provides ultra-high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces to help network operators efficiently address edge and core applications.


A compact multiservices router, the MX204 delivers ultra-high density in a 1 U power-efficient form factor to address the widest variety of service provider, mobile, data center, and cloud applications.


Compact universal routing platform with ultra-high system capacity and interface density for long-term investment protection.

Juniper SRX Series Services Gateways Next-Generation Firewalls

Security for any size data center and enterprise edge

Offers a broad range of options—from all-in-one, integrated physical and virtual security networking devices to highly scalable, chassis-based data center solutions—that can defend enterprise data centers and service providers of any size.

Comprehensive threat protection

Provides advanced, next-generation defense against known and unknown threats, with a comprehensive suite of layered security services both on-premises and in the cloud. All SRX Series gateways are built for resiliency, scalability, and availability to secure data centers or the enterprise edge against the broadest spectrum of threats.

Maximum performance and scale

Supports fast, secure, and highly available data center and enterprise edge operations, with unmatched performance and scalability, massive session volumes, and flexible large-scale connectivity, with ultra-low latency performance of up to 1 Tbps.

Carrier-grade reliability

Delivers continuous uptime through in-service hardware and software upgrades, redundant components, and carrier-class hardware for resiliency. The high-end SRX Series gateways deliver six-nines reliability for nonstop business continuity and application availability.

Small Enterprise and Branch Office

Whether rolling out new services and applications across locations, connecting to the cloud, or trying to achieve operational efficiency, our branch firewalls helps organizations realize their business objectives.

SRX300 Services Gateway

The SRX300 line combines next-generation firewall and advanced threat mitigation with routing, switching, and WAN interfaces for distributed enterprise locations.

SRX550 Services Gateway

SRX550 is ideal for securing medium-to-large branch locations.

Mid-Size Enterprise and Data Center

Compact, high-performance, next-generation firewalls with hardware-accelerated security services protect mission-critical people, data and infrastructure.

SRX1500 Services Gateway

SRX1500 is a high-performance, low-latency firewall for distributed enterprise campuses as well as small to medium-sized data centers.

SRX4100/4200/4600 Services Gateway

The SRX4000 line delivers high-performance, highly available and consistent protection across diverse environments – enterprise campuses, data centers, clouds, and telcos.

Large Data Center and Service Providers

Highly effective protection, market-leading performance, reliability and availability ideally suited to service provider, large enterprise, and public sector organizations.

SRX5400 Services Gateway

SRX5400 is ideal for securing service provider, large enterprise, and public sector networks.

SRX5600/5800 Services Gateway

SRX5000 line is ideal for securing large enterprise, hosted or colocated data centers, and service provider infrastructures with aggregated security services.