Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

GPU Servers


Servers powered with GPU cards are the new breed of technology that utilizes NVIDIA’s world-leading technology to achieve the most from high-performance computing. Typical use cases may include building your own supercomputing cluster, creating a virtualized VDI environment that feels, acts and works as a real desktop, accelerating CUDA applications and power some of the most advanced applications in the world to optimize workloads and save costs.
A mainstream case is building a deep learning platform; such cases include integration of software and hardware to iterate and innovate at an unprecedented pace.


GPUs work in conjunction with a server’s CPU to accelerate application and processing performance. The CPU offloads compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU which processes large blocks of data at one time rather than sequentially boosting the overall performance in a server environment.

GPUs processing power allows for faster iteration and innovation, turning data into knowledge and be super fast with insights and analytics performed on large data sets. By far this is the fastest solution for deep learning and AI-accelerated analytics workloads.

GPUs are better for high-performance computing than CPUs alone because of the thousands of small efficient cores designed to process information faster.

DIAWAY offers both standalone components for artificial intelligence and deep learning, such as graphical cards; as well as the ready-made systems and platforms for your workloads.

The systems offered can be a home for up to 8 NVIDIA graphics card. Solutions are available in NVIDIA, Gigabyte, OEM and Supermicro designs.