LizardFS File Storage Solution powered by DIAWAY

Why LizardFS?

LizardFS Software Defined Storage is a distributed, parallel, scalable, fault-tolerant, geo-redundant and highly available file system.


Distribution means that all the data is distributed among multiple chunk servers. You can easily add and remove drives or the whole storage nodes. It is as simple as “plug and scale”.


You can easily scale your LizardFS cluster up and down both vertically and horizontally by a single drive or a single node. You can have thousands of chunkservers and up to 1 Exabyte of data.


Despite single replica (goal replication) we added Erasure Coding which enables you to save disc space and allows parallel writes and reads to multiple chunkservers for increased performance.

Ease of Installation and Administration

If you have good knowledge of LINUX/UNIX systems you shouldn’t need more than 2 hours to get your cluster up and running (our current record is 28 minutes – let us know if you beat it).

lizardfs servers


DIAWAY is the leading big-data storage and networking integrator for data-intensive global organizations. The company designs, deploys, and optimizes systems, software and storage solutions that enable enterprises, cloud providers and software companies to generate more value from their data.

DIAWAY helps LizardFS customers optimize their infrastructure CapEx and OpEx by advising them on selecting the best hardware for their needs and helping to source it for them at a competitive price point.

Headquartered in Tallinn, Europe’s tech capital, DIAWAY develops its partnerships and solutions across the globe with infrastructure footprints up to a hundred petabytes per project.

Use Cases

Elasticsearch Storage

Elasticsearch Storage

LizardFS has native clients for Linux, MacOS and Windows which are visible as a mount point or additional letter of the drive. You can also use NFS. This way you can connect nearly any application to LizardFS and pinpoint its location for sending the logs.

Because Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana are Linux based applications they can also have mounted LizardFS and see the logs that were saved by the applications.

This way you can take advantage of Erasure Coding over a simple replica and save up to 70% of your storage

Education / Science

Education / Science

University – Department of Bioinformatics – Genome Institute

Genome research is continually generating large files. After completing phases of research the files are getting even larger (next part of the genome is added).

Thanks to LizardFS it is possible to write only the part that is added – the rest of the file remains the same because the chunks have not changed. Plug and Scale is important as the need for Data Storage is constantly growing.

General-purpose File Storage

General-purpose File Storage

In the field of data storage, the most popular solution until now has been a Disk Array. However, this technology turned out to be costly, generating large costs for ongoing maintenance and scalability. Once the storage capacity of a Disk Array was full, the only way to continue to store more data was to buy another costly “shelf” from the same producer. When the possibility of adding additional elements was fully exhausted, one had to migrate all the data to a larger, usually much more expensive Disk Array. Thus, one was left with an old and now redundant Disk Array.

LizardFS makes it possible to build storage on multiple servers, regardless of their manufacturer. Increasing storage capacity is accomplished by adding additional server(s) with hard drives to the cluster. This type of solution ensures readiness for exponential growth of storage whilst using servers from DIAWAY. Thus significantly decreasing overall data storage costs. Check out LizardFS Infrastructure online TCO tool by DIAWAY.

Docker’s volumes & Backups

Docker’s volumes & Backups

Using LizardFS for docker volumes is one of the main use cases with containers. In environments with many docker instances, devops team struggle with efficient and consistent backups. Usually such consistent backups require a stop (put down) docker image for all the period of time needed by backup software to synchronize data between current state and backup.

When we use LizardFS as storage for our containers’ volumes we do not need to wait for backups, since even PetaByte size containers need to be stopped only for a fraction of seconds in order to prepare consistent data for backup thanks to the instant snapshot feature of LizardFS.

Another reason for using LizardFS for Docker volumes comes along with all the benefits of having a distributed file system like for example sharing data between other containers run in other servers.

Why do I need Trusted Support from LizardFS?

Configuring clusters is not like a LEGO play. It’s not that easy and straightforward as you might think. Everything may work now but will it still work seamlessly tomorrow or in a year?

LizardFS team knows how it works from inside out, knows all internals, features optimizations and tricks, and also knows of potential caveats. That means they are the ones in the know when it comes to cluster recovery, even in such dismal cases when your precious data appears to be gone forever.

Support from LizardFS

Support Team is always ready

Thanks to regular internal drills mimicking the outages – breaking clusters and restoring helps keep support engineers fresh and up-to-date with a hands-on experience.

Active monitoring

The monitoring is designed to be proactive rather than reactive and it greatly helps to prevent issues before they start impacting the production environment.


LizardFS support professionals will explain all in’s and out’s of LizardFS, and thanks to that, you yourself will become a LizardFS Professional.

Starter Kit

Each support plan also includes a configuration and deployment service for your cluster. You will have a chance to observe the process and that would be an additional benefit to the training.

Infinite number of client licenses

Last but not least – if you use Windows, we will provide you with as many licenses for Windows client as required.